GoFounders-Become a Founder & Enjoy a “Massive” Residual Income From Anywhere


Become a Founder & Enjoy a “Massive” Residual Income From Anywhere

Don’t we all wish that we had a chance to be founders at Microsoft, Google or Amazon ?

Well, now is the chance to join a new company called Onpassive which is in prelaunch and some founder positions are still available.Founder positions are available through invitation only through GoFounders.



Experience Total “Automation” and 100% “Guaranteed” Online Success!

.. YES!.. Really!


100% “Done-4-You” Success!

Auto-Pilot Traffic!

Auto-Pilot Leads!

Auto-Pilot Sign-Ups! 

Builds “ANY” Business!

“Real” Products!

Instant Payments!

Breakthrough Tools!

Multiple Websites!

100% Hands Free!

An “Honest” Business Solution!

100% “Guaranteed” Success!

Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee!

Watch the Video below for full review.



GoFounders /Onpassive have their head office in Orlando,Florida and have just set up their office in Bangalore , the silicon valley of India. Watch the launch of the Onpassive office in Bangalore.

It is expected that the Onpassive launch shall happen soon-maybe by the beginning of next year. The founder positions shall close sometime before the launch.As you know being first to anything matters because it gives you a first-to-market advantage.But now being first means so much more…the earlier you join as a founder, the higher you will be in the matrix. Also be getting more founders in your team before the launch, you shall be placed higher up in the matrix and have a ready team by the time the company launches. Even though everything is AI driven and automated – including traffic , it will still be in your interest to have your matrix ready for quick and early success.

The cost of becoming a Founder is $97 and it comes with a lifetime Money-back guarantee.So if you later on do not like it or want to change  your mind and opt out, you can get a full refund of $97.There is thus nothing to lose by jumping into this opportunity- and if you can spare that $97 now-I would recommend that you join as soon as possible.



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