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What is Global Domains International (GDI)?

Global Domains International (GDI) is domain registry service provider and a website hosting company. In other words they promote website addresses. Global Domains International strictly promotes “.ws” domains.

GDI’s current owners are Michael Starr & Alan Ezeir. It was founded in 1999 and has a relatively good reputation.One of the things that separates GDI from other companies, is that they let you “test drive” all of their different services for FREE. When you sign-up for your 7-day FREE trial with GDI, you automatically will be given the following:
• A “.ws” Domain Name
• Website Builder
• Domain Hosting
• 10 Custom Email addresses
After the 7 day free trial you will be charged $10 per month for all the above. After 7 days you can decide whether to continue or not. If you do not want, just quit your account. And if you want to continue, which is my heartfelt recommendation, a monthly fee of $ 10 is paid, and with that membership, you get a lot of things … you will find sites, domains, and a lot of tools to help you in the business. You can also use the site to advertise other jobs if you do something else over the Internet..

Click here to learn more about what all you get in the FULL GDI BASIC PACKAGE.

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) with GDI

With GDI, it is also possible to get Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) This can help you get a website in other languages like Chinese,Hindi, Filipino etc which do not use latin alphabets. Watch the video below to learn more.


GDI also has an affiliate program side to it, for those interested in making some legit money online through an affiliate system implemented by GDI themselves. They also provide training and once you complete the training within the stipulated time of 8 weeks you are PAID $25 to complete the training. This training teaches you how to earn money with GDI and people are earning $3000-$30,000 with this.

GDI also has a 5-level recruiting structure where you can recruit as many people as you want, on each level. Meaning when you refer a member, you not only get paid for their membership, but you also get paid when they refer someone, and when the next person refers someone, all the way down to the 5th- level. Though you get paid only $1 for each member joining , you can easily earn $3905 per month just by recruiting a minimum of 5 persons , ensuring that they complete the training and that they in turn replicate your effort.

This is how it works to get an income of $3905 per month.
When you get 5 members, you earn $ 100 in bonus plus 10% commission or $ 1 per person in your team when they become active members who pay a monthly fee of only $ 10. You get money from every direct member and from all members of your members, to the fifth generation, ie to the depth. Thus if you can just get 5 members, ensure that they are trained and they two get five members and so on…. All of you can get an income of $3905 per month by just introducing 5 members to GDI and ensuring that they continue with it month on month . You also get paid $100 for every 5 people who join you in a week between Monday morning. and Sunday evening.This is in addition to what you earn by recruiting and training those below you as shown below.

How Much Can You Earn With GDI?

The figure below illustrates how much you can earn by recruiting just 5 people and training them to do the same and so on till the 5th level. You will be able to earn $3905 ($5+$25+$125+$625+$3125) as shown below.

And instead of just 5 if every one is able to do 10 each . you will be able to earn $111,110 every single month and this will be recurring.


Here’s a HANDY CALCULATOR for calculating how much you can earn with GDI.

Learn More About GDI Here.

Register Here to join GDI.

What do you have to do to start earning after joining GDI?

After you join GDI you will get a website like This One.

You will also get many replicated sites like these:

and many more like these. These are your affiliate links and you can share these links with others who would like to build a website or earn online. When they join through your link, you will get paid.

You can refer as many people as you like (there is no limit really), but as explained above , even if you refer just 5 members and guide them to do the same and so on till the 5th level, you shall be earning $3905 per month as recurring residual income .After that even if you do not work and everyone below you remains as a paying member in the team you shall continue to get $3905 month after month just by referring 5 members and building your team below.

Once your team is set up till the first level or two, you can also upgrade and become a premium member (it costs $40 per month additional to do so). If everyone below you also similarly upgrades, you shall start earning approx  $20,000 per month with just this team of 5 members till the 5th level . You will be paid $15 for every Premium member below and $5 for every premium member below them. This is therefore a very powerful opportunity to earn online.

In the GDI backoffice you also have training. If you complete your training in the backoffice within 8 weeks from the date of joining (which most people can do), you are paid $25. You are also paid $100 as bonus for every 5 people who join you in a week starting Monday morning and ending next Sunday evening. So if you can refer 5 in a week , you earn $100 that week, if you refer 10, you get $200, if you refer 15, you get $300 and so on.

How to get Leads and referrals for GDI

You can of course share your affiliate links with family, friends, acquintances and if they are interested in creating a website and/or earning money they can also join this opportunity. From the GDI backoffice, you can send 100 pre-written emails  to people you know.

You can also market GDI offline. There is a provision in the GDI backoffice from where you can print flyers and brochures with your link.You can share these with people who may be interested in this opportunity.

You can also market GDI online through paid and free methods.

Paid Methods: From the GDI backoffice you can buy leads . These are people who are interested in a home business and want to earn online.You can connect with these prospects over phone and email. When they join you, you start getting paid.You can also use other paid sources like Solo ads.

Free Methods:

  • If you have a blog , you can advertise the opportunity on your blog. There are ready banners and other ads in your GDI backoffice which you use on your blog. You can also write a review or article on the blog.
  • You can write articles about GDI on Medium, Quora and other Forums
  • The easiest free method is advertising on social media- Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram etc.
  • You can also advertise on Craigslist

You can learn how to advertise over Social Media Here.


GDI has available worldwide and the best part is that you can start it with a very low investment of $10 per month.You also get a free trial for 7 days.

GDI has also stood the test of time as it has been available since 1999.It offers Unlimited Earning potential .GDI is a fortune 500 company which was rated Inc 500’s #37 fastest growing .People that joined GDI way back in 1999-2005 and worked it hard.. still to this day receive 4,5and 6 figure monthly cheques from GDI. This is a LONG TERM BUSINESS for those who have LONG TERM GOALS (which is pretty much true for most businesses). 

Watch the video below and learn how this GDI member is earning $12,000 from GDI by investing and working on it for just 14 months.


Here are some more Real Testimonials from Real People.

All these people have succeeded with GDI as they kept at it and did not give up.So even if it takes some time-DON’T GIVE UP!! At just the cost of a pizza per month you can be on the way to earning a lifelong income and become financially free.

Theoretically if everyone in the team works for only 1 week and gets 5 paying members, you could start earning $3905 in just 5 weeks. However, sometimes members in the team below you may not be so motivated and may not get 5 people to join so quickly. GDI allows you to place members under your first level as a basic member and if you become a premier member you can place members under any level below you till the 5th level. So, it is all really in your hands. With patience and perseverence, you can start earning a regular income with GDI , be your own boss and attain financial freedom.

If you haven’t already-you can Join GDI Here Now!! 


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